Wednesday, 31 August 2011

28 Seconds It Took To Make My Day (And It's Just Begun)

So our good friend Vee introduced us to a fella named Richard today. He seemed pretty cool, then we started talking about stuff. He told me an 'epic' tale about his youtube history, and I told him mine. I told him about my experiences with bullying due to my hobby of video making.

Suddenly, my custom skype ringtone was playing through my earphones, I looked....
"Richard Calling (Answer) (Decline)"
I clicked answer. Suddenly he said:
"I know it's late... but I just wanted to say I hope you punch those bullies in the face... It's better saying it than typing it you see". It took just a 28 second skype call to make my day, and it's 01:17am so my day has just started and it's already been made.

Richard, I hope we can talk again soon, you seem like an ace dude.

Check out Richard's channel, tell him I sent you:

My question to you guys: What has made your day today?
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robert_leat said...

Great Post, Richard Seems awesome