Saturday, 6 August 2011

I Love Film Soundtracks! ♥

Hello internet world. So today's blog topic is film soundtracks and how much I adore composers who create such amazing compositions to match fantastic films.

So, as you may or not know I love films, and I want to be part of the film industry when I'm older. Soundtracks are one of the many things I absolutely admire! From powerful moments, to the sad and emotional moments, the soundtrack helps to set the mood instantly.

Composers like Marc Shaiman and John Williams have helped bring all sorts of films to life. Helping build a strong emotion or a light and playful melody, whatever scene it's on.

Possibly one of my favourite compositions in the world has got to be "Flying Home" from the film "Kick Ass". If you haven't heard it, or not sure which song from the film i'm talking about here is a link:

Now, this always makes my mood really happy and this soundtrack tells me "you can do anything, just stand up, wipe your shoulders, and show the world what you've got". It's powerful and wonderful.

This song from the film "Simon Birch" always, and I mean always, makes me cry: (the very first song in that video)

It's so beautiful, it's sound pretty positive and the emotion in the piece is so strong, i always tear up when I hear it. It's just amazing.

I can give you so many more examples, but I would be wasting your precious time. So I'll leave you with a question.

What's your favourite soundtrack and from what film?

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iLikePrograms said...

I dont really have that many Film soundtracks. I have alot of Game soundtracks.
Anyway, my favourite Film soundtrack I have is the soundtrack from The Last Samurai. The film is amazing and the soundtrack is composed by Hans Zimmer.

I think thats my favourite :)