Wednesday, 31 August 2011

28 Seconds It Took To Make My Day (And It's Just Begun)

So our good friend Vee introduced us to a fella named Richard today. He seemed pretty cool, then we started talking about stuff. He told me an 'epic' tale about his youtube history, and I told him mine. I told him about my experiences with bullying due to my hobby of video making.

Suddenly, my custom skype ringtone was playing through my earphones, I looked....
"Richard Calling (Answer) (Decline)"
I clicked answer. Suddenly he said:
"I know it's late... but I just wanted to say I hope you punch those bullies in the face... It's better saying it than typing it you see". It took just a 28 second skype call to make my day, and it's 01:17am so my day has just started and it's already been made.

Richard, I hope we can talk again soon, you seem like an ace dude.

Check out Richard's channel, tell him I sent you:

My question to you guys: What has made your day today?
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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I Sense Good Things In The Future For Me....

Recently, I've been a bit bummed about how slow feedback and views have been coming in for the latest videos and I've been feeling a bit down about why the views were stooping. I've been unsure of what I should do next in my videos.

That is, until I released my new video "Grace Daring: Ultimate Daring Daredevil" which was another one of my quickly improvised videos! And in a space of 9 hours it has reached nearly 150 views... just in 9 hours.

This video has got the views very quickly, and currently has an honour, which I haven't had in a few weeks. This has given me positive energy and the motivation to continue making new videos for you guys. Honestly, the feeling that you've made a successful video, and people like you and what you do, it's just.....amazing!

As to where I'll head in the future, hopefully partnership, if not, just more views and feedback. The feeling that I am heading in a new path, a new direction, with new friends, new places to go, it's fantastic. Infact, i'm even meeting up with a really good youtube friend of mine this weekend, and hoping a few of my new friends will come down and tag along :)

But for now, I will still be the girl on the internet, waiting for your next comment, always able to reply, and think about the next project I will create.

I can't wait for what the future will bring me, all I know is, I'm going somewhere, and you guys won't be left behind, i swear by it.

What do you think? Leave a comment <3
And thank you for your support :) it means so much to me.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Give These Guys Some Love ♥

Today's blog is all about my new friends and why I think you should check them out.

Guys, say hello to Dave! (Hi Dave)
So, Dave is a vlogger from Wales (although he doesn't sound like it) who talks about different things, above is his latest video about when he got "fraped". (For all the folks that don't know what fraped means, its facebook rape, basically someone changing all your details on a social network).

Dave is a really interesting person, quite a fun guy to talk to, and his videos are very awesome to watch (especially with his amusing stories). So why not check out his channel, tell him i sent you :)

And now introducing Aaron.
This lovely scottish boy has just started his youtube account (though apparently it's not his first time on youtube as he experienced bullying issues just like I did). And I already see this boy is going to go far. Above is an informative video about a website he's interested in. For his first full video i'd say it's really good and I see him doing well in the near future. So go on guys, go check him out, go say hi.

Where to find Aaron:
The internet, Josh. Josh, the internet.
Josh has become a good friend of mine, and above is a video about his opinion of when he found out about a fest in honour of the game Halo. Unfortunately, he's been getting some hate for it, which I think is wrong, he is entitled to his opinion. He clearly said he does like the game but just doesn't think there should be a whole fest for the game. Give the guy a break!!

His ambition is to teach english to kids in Japan, which I think is very lovely. He's a really cool guy, and deserves some likes rather than dislikes, so go on guys, go to his page, tell him I sent you


This Charlie does not bite fingers or hang with weird unicorns.
So, this is Charlie. In the video above he speaks welsh (oh how welsh of him, but i've been told he's not welsh). But yeah he's a very cool guy, his videos are very interesting, like the welsh vlog, i liked that.

Charlie's videos are mainly vlogs and some challenges. He's a pretty ace guy, so you know what to do, check this guy out!


This Is You!


Guys, I have officially found a song that will help me through life.

So, you may have seen the really sad post i posted earlier, well I went searching for videos, and I thought "Hmm... haven't watched Tay Zonday in a while" so I watched his videos... and then I watched this one, and listened to the song... and I can officially say this has got to be my "pump up the courage and confidence" song.
First of all, tune = effin catchyyyyy.
Second, Tay's voice = sexy.
Third, the song is saying "this is you, show the world what you've got" and now I intend on doing so. So, watch out world, because I'm gonna continue doing what I'm doing, being me. And there is NOTHING in the world that will change that.

Mr Zonday, thanks for creating this song, you are an inspiration.

Well, I Knew It Would Happen....

NOTE: If you don't want to read a really sad blog post, come back when something more positive appears.

Above is a song to sort of describe the mood i'm in at this time.
I'm in a pretty confused state.... Only a few minutes ago, a person I claimed to be close to me has unfollowed me on twitter, removed me from facebook and I'm sure soon he'll remove me everywhere else. I was shocked.... and very upset, confused. I read his posts on groups saying that his removals were "not personal". I realised though I haven't been keeping in touch with him as much as I should have, as I have been meeting new people. And even though he said it wasn't personal, it felt like a big piece of my heart had been ripped out, because he's one of my best friends... has been for a while....

So here I am, writing a blogpost of depression, still in tears... still a little confused. And if you are reading this, you know if it's you, and if it's because I haven't been keeping in touch i am so sorry.... I didn't mean to lose regular contact with you.. and it just broke my heart when you removed me because we were such good friends.... what happened....

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dear So Called "Friends"

Ok. I am officially ticked. And now it's time I write a blog post to set something straight.
Now i love meeting new people on the internet, and I love adding people onto social networks like facebook, twitter, skype (if that is considered as a social network), and I give people chances. But there are some people who don't even chat to me unless they want something

Person: Hi
Me: Hey
Person: Check out my new video *link*
Me: ...

I appreciate you want to get your videos out there, but popping up on the chat telling me to check it out and you've not even had a conversation with me? I find it really rude. Ignorant. Fucking annoying!

It's the same people too, it's very stressful that they won't even take the time to just say "hey, how was your day?" or get to know me better, they just straight away advertise their video/site/store/whatever the hell they want.

So i'm gonna conclude that in future, if you want to add me anywhere, you better be socialable and not a "i'll just advertise my video because you have a load of subs and you may like it and tell people about it". No guys, i only promote people who deserve it.

Ugh. Now I got my anger out it's time to smile.
What do you think about the "advertisers"? Do you think they are arrogant/annoying? Leave a comment below! <3

Saturday, 20 August 2011

I Can't Stick To Schedules...

It's been a few days since I made a blog post (my apologies my darlings). Recently i've been thinking of changing the set time of my live show, but now i've just decided not to set a schedule, due to the fact I am never good at tieing myself down to doing things at certain times (unless it's my college work, i have to set myself to it)

But honestly, with all these shows i want to watch on tv, and the fact I want to have fun doing what I love to do, i cannot stick to my 9pm BlogTV schedule on saturday nights.

So, i will just let you know a couple of hours in advance when my live shows are going to be from now on. No set times. No mega professional pizazz... just me: being funny, singing songs, answering your questions.

Your opinions are welcome, advice, anything, just comment <3

Monday, 8 August 2011

I Didn't Predict A Riot, But Kaiser Chiefs Did!

So, as you guys may or may not know, there is currently a huge, destructive riot going on here in the UK. It started in London and has now spread to Birmingham!

Why did the riots start?
According to wikipedia, "The disturbances were preceded by the fatal shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan by police on 4 August 2011 during a planned arrest in which one officer was injured." A peaceful protest was held on the 6th which slowly turned into a stampede of destruction and chaos. And these riots have now spread to Birmingham!

What action is being taken?

Currently, the police have been trying to stop the thugs but some police officers have ended up injured, and the people continue to loot out the high street stores, stealing HD TVs, mobiles, even bloody shoes from Primark!!! And apparently in Birmingham they are stealing things from the Children's Hospital. THAT IS HEARTLESS OF THEM!

Is the UK safe at this moment?
Honestly? I am not sure, I have no clue whether my friends down south are safe, or whether I'll be safe (then again, i live in a little town, i should be ok). But the riot fever seems to be spreading across Britain, and i'm a little scared.

But that isn't stopping me from going to the gathering. I will be with my parents, and there will be a ton of us at the gathering. Safety in numbers. So, at least I know I am just a smidge safer.

My advice to those who are near any riots.
Stay away from your windows and doors, go to a safe place in your house, remain calm, make sure you have a bit of food with you. Make sure you keep up to date via radio, twitter feed, bbc news.

To all my friends who may be near the destruction of these heartless thugs, please be careful, stay safe <3

Saturday, 6 August 2011

I Love Film Soundtracks! ♥

Hello internet world. So today's blog topic is film soundtracks and how much I adore composers who create such amazing compositions to match fantastic films.

So, as you may or not know I love films, and I want to be part of the film industry when I'm older. Soundtracks are one of the many things I absolutely admire! From powerful moments, to the sad and emotional moments, the soundtrack helps to set the mood instantly.

Composers like Marc Shaiman and John Williams have helped bring all sorts of films to life. Helping build a strong emotion or a light and playful melody, whatever scene it's on.

Possibly one of my favourite compositions in the world has got to be "Flying Home" from the film "Kick Ass". If you haven't heard it, or not sure which song from the film i'm talking about here is a link:

Now, this always makes my mood really happy and this soundtrack tells me "you can do anything, just stand up, wipe your shoulders, and show the world what you've got". It's powerful and wonderful.

This song from the film "Simon Birch" always, and I mean always, makes me cry: (the very first song in that video)

It's so beautiful, it's sound pretty positive and the emotion in the piece is so strong, i always tear up when I hear it. It's just amazing.

I can give you so many more examples, but I would be wasting your precious time. So I'll leave you with a question.

What's your favourite soundtrack and from what film?

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Meeting New People = More People in SiTC Groupage!!

I love facebook groups! For the past few days I've been speaking to new people on this facebook group chat and they seemed really nice, so we all decided to skype each other last night for the first time. And we've all become so close now, it's awesome :)

First of all, Keatonbabessss. He is like my twin, like.... really. Me and him have so much in common, it's weirdly awesome. Now we have an awesome inside joke (you will see the hashtag a lot soon). Him and I were laughing at the same things and talked till 3 in the morning. He's awesome, if you are reading this Keatonbabes, can't wait to hang out at SiTC!

Amberrrrrrr :) , I knew you first, as you added me. And me and you are like..... best friends odd enough haha. You are uber cool, and I can't wait to meet you. "We're the three best friends that anyone can have". I'm looking forward to you "force feeding" me fizzy vimto......

Leighleigh :) You didn't really speak a lot on skype, but when you did speak you were really funny and pretty cool. Hopefully we'll talk a lot more before and at SiTC. :)

Thomas :) you fell asleep... haha. But you seem like a cool guy, wish you could go to SiTC though, if you do end up going, it'll be cool to meet you!

Of course, I must not forget my friends who i've known for a long time who i cannot wait to meet:

Matt, Robert Leat, IronRyan, Concon, Timtim, Jakeee, Sarah (if she's going), Chapperz, Gordycamp, Simon, Jordan, Robert K.

I'm so excited. Feel free to leave a comment :D

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Annoyance Of Haters...

Facebook group chats are a blast, you can meet new people there, talk about the things you love, it's awesome. But exactly 2 or 3 minutes ago I was witnessing a bit of hate on the chat between two guys.

We shall name the innocent guy James and the hater OJ.

Now we were discussing goals on the chat, and 'OJ' was slagging off 'James' saying his videos sucked because they didn't get enough views and he'll never make partnership. This guy would just not leave 'James' alone, so I butted in, telling this grown man to leave him alone. Now, 'OJ' must be about.... in his thirties considering he was born in 77 (checked his profile). And he is speaking to people like an angry teenager.

My response to 'OJ' was "attitude adjustment needed. Wow, man, i'm disgusted by the way you are talking to people. "
His response to that was "THE BLACK GUY IS ALWAYS WRONG!"
Now, is that right? To suddenly make it look like a racial attack? No. I don't think so. 'OJ' continues to bash 'James' and I constantly fight back, because he has no right to tell people that they suck at
doing what they enjoy.

After a long long effort of trying to stop this guy, he quit the group. And from what I heard this guy doesn't even make videos. Luckily 'James' was ok after the incident.But it has made me think about the incidents that have recently happened, and now for my conclusion.

If you love making videos, then keep doing what you love, whether you get a partnership or not, whether you get the views or not, doing what you love makes you a happy person.


Monday, 1 August 2011

The Biggest Thankyou So Far....

It's another blog post from that ninja from the north west.

Hey guys, I just wanted to write this blog post to say how much I appreciate your support.

Since returning to video making in late 2009, I have had tons of support, dealing with my confidence issues, trying not to let the bullies or haters get to me. I feel that each video I have made has shown how I've grown as a person. How I have become a more confident and bubbly person. Who do I thank? You guys.

Without your support, cheering me on, encouraging me to continue with what I'm doing, I wouldn't be here with a ton of great Internet friends, a decent amount of subs and views, and a future ahead of me. Your comments constantly make me smile, and the people who take the time to watch me on my live BlogTV shows are awesome. Honestly, i couldn't have asked for better friends/fans/supporters.

I got a message from a new friend of mine after my blogtv show, after thanking him and his family for sticking around on blogtv to watch me do my thing. He replied:
"no worries becky, i am a huge fan now!".
The feeling that people actually like what you do is incredible, and I have loved making videos for you for nearly two years now. It has been an honour to be your entertainer.

May this all continue for another good few years. Thank you, so so much.
Your opinions about me and my content is welcome, so leave a comment on this post :)