Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dear So Called "Friends"

Ok. I am officially ticked. And now it's time I write a blog post to set something straight.
Now i love meeting new people on the internet, and I love adding people onto social networks like facebook, twitter, skype (if that is considered as a social network), and I give people chances. But there are some people who don't even chat to me unless they want something

Person: Hi
Me: Hey
Person: Check out my new video *link*
Me: ...

I appreciate you want to get your videos out there, but popping up on the chat telling me to check it out and you've not even had a conversation with me? I find it really rude. Ignorant. Fucking annoying!

It's the same people too, it's very stressful that they won't even take the time to just say "hey, how was your day?" or get to know me better, they just straight away advertise their video/site/store/whatever the hell they want.

So i'm gonna conclude that in future, if you want to add me anywhere, you better be socialable and not a "i'll just advertise my video because you have a load of subs and you may like it and tell people about it". No guys, i only promote people who deserve it.

Ugh. Now I got my anger out it's time to smile.
What do you think about the "advertisers"? Do you think they are arrogant/annoying? Leave a comment below! <3


RyanAustinTV said...

I think its really annoying too! Theres this one guy who does it constantly to me and i want to message him sooooo bad and tell him to stop or im blocking you! ya know! its so aggravating.

Domingo0022iway said...

I find them to be very very annoying. Because of the fact that they have nothing better than shamelessly promote their page. If we wanted to see their content, we would stumble upon it, this is why I have channel comments set to pending approval before I get that. I get at least 15 people saying that I should sub and check out their latest video. It's annoying. I wish they would just put their videos in a list so we could check it out for ourselves. It's not rocket surgery. The end.