Sunday, 28 August 2011

This Is You!


Guys, I have officially found a song that will help me through life.

So, you may have seen the really sad post i posted earlier, well I went searching for videos, and I thought "Hmm... haven't watched Tay Zonday in a while" so I watched his videos... and then I watched this one, and listened to the song... and I can officially say this has got to be my "pump up the courage and confidence" song.
First of all, tune = effin catchyyyyy.
Second, Tay's voice = sexy.
Third, the song is saying "this is you, show the world what you've got" and now I intend on doing so. So, watch out world, because I'm gonna continue doing what I'm doing, being me. And there is NOTHING in the world that will change that.

Mr Zonday, thanks for creating this song, you are an inspiration.

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