Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Annoyance Of Haters...

Facebook group chats are a blast, you can meet new people there, talk about the things you love, it's awesome. But exactly 2 or 3 minutes ago I was witnessing a bit of hate on the chat between two guys.

We shall name the innocent guy James and the hater OJ.

Now we were discussing goals on the chat, and 'OJ' was slagging off 'James' saying his videos sucked because they didn't get enough views and he'll never make partnership. This guy would just not leave 'James' alone, so I butted in, telling this grown man to leave him alone. Now, 'OJ' must be about.... in his thirties considering he was born in 77 (checked his profile). And he is speaking to people like an angry teenager.

My response to 'OJ' was "attitude adjustment needed. Wow, man, i'm disgusted by the way you are talking to people. "
His response to that was "THE BLACK GUY IS ALWAYS WRONG!"
Now, is that right? To suddenly make it look like a racial attack? No. I don't think so. 'OJ' continues to bash 'James' and I constantly fight back, because he has no right to tell people that they suck at
doing what they enjoy.

After a long long effort of trying to stop this guy, he quit the group. And from what I heard this guy doesn't even make videos. Luckily 'James' was ok after the incident.But it has made me think about the incidents that have recently happened, and now for my conclusion.

If you love making videos, then keep doing what you love, whether you get a partnership or not, whether you get the views or not, doing what you love makes you a happy person.


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iLikePrograms said...

This post makes me want some OJ. Im a bit thirsty!

Also, yeah, Just ignore the haters :)