Sunday, 28 August 2011

Give These Guys Some Love ♥

Today's blog is all about my new friends and why I think you should check them out.

Guys, say hello to Dave! (Hi Dave)
So, Dave is a vlogger from Wales (although he doesn't sound like it) who talks about different things, above is his latest video about when he got "fraped". (For all the folks that don't know what fraped means, its facebook rape, basically someone changing all your details on a social network).

Dave is a really interesting person, quite a fun guy to talk to, and his videos are very awesome to watch (especially with his amusing stories). So why not check out his channel, tell him i sent you :)

And now introducing Aaron.
This lovely scottish boy has just started his youtube account (though apparently it's not his first time on youtube as he experienced bullying issues just like I did). And I already see this boy is going to go far. Above is an informative video about a website he's interested in. For his first full video i'd say it's really good and I see him doing well in the near future. So go on guys, go check him out, go say hi.

Where to find Aaron:
The internet, Josh. Josh, the internet.
Josh has become a good friend of mine, and above is a video about his opinion of when he found out about a fest in honour of the game Halo. Unfortunately, he's been getting some hate for it, which I think is wrong, he is entitled to his opinion. He clearly said he does like the game but just doesn't think there should be a whole fest for the game. Give the guy a break!!

His ambition is to teach english to kids in Japan, which I think is very lovely. He's a really cool guy, and deserves some likes rather than dislikes, so go on guys, go to his page, tell him I sent you


This Charlie does not bite fingers or hang with weird unicorns.
So, this is Charlie. In the video above he speaks welsh (oh how welsh of him, but i've been told he's not welsh). But yeah he's a very cool guy, his videos are very interesting, like the welsh vlog, i liked that.

Charlie's videos are mainly vlogs and some challenges. He's a pretty ace guy, so you know what to do, check this guy out!


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