Sunday, 31 July 2011

another blog about originality

Originality makes us unique. I'm not going to mention names now, but if this person reads this, please do not take this to heart but this has to be said.

I think you need to be more original........ like.... really. You seem to do things after I do it. Videos about issues, instrumentals. It slowly ticked me off. But now i saw your skype status of a phrase i said in one of my videos that you completely stole, but changed a couple of words. That has made me go "right.... enough is enough".

I just want you to know, it's just annoying me a bit that you are doing half the things i'm doing or already done and i just wish you could be just that little bit more original with things instead of doing what I do, or stealing things from my past stuff.

You are a good friend of mine, and if you are mad at me after reading this then I apologise but it had to be said......

Friday, 29 July 2011

The Ultimate Excitement Is Building Up.....

....why may you ask?

Summer. In. The. Effin'. City, my friends. HELL YEAHHH!

I've met some amazing people these past few months, and now I get the chance to meet some of these people. The people who have inspired me, the people who have helped me these past few months and years.

Then again, i'm nervous that I will scare people off with my weird/unusual personality. :S
I just hope I'm liked...... :P

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Copycat, Copycat, Oh Be Original!


for fuck sake....
I'm pissed off to the core. There is this person I know that I consider my friend who has recently just been copying almost EVERY FUCKING THING I DO!!

First of all, I post pictures on dailybooth, and this person tends to copy the things I do, which partly ticked me off. But OHHHH this gets better. I did a rant video about racism. And this person does a rant too.

Now i released my first instrumental, and it's been successful. And i'm really happy about it. Two days later i find out my friend is doing a new project.... A FUCKING INSTRUMENTAL.

I know you may think i'm overreacting, but god, this is so annoying me.
Hey, would you like to be my friggin mirror or something?


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My Musical Inspirations

So, in this blog post, I'm going to talk about the musicians and bands I admire.

First of all, I MUST talk about my favourite band in the whole world: Foo Fighters. Ever since I was .... 5 maybe 6, I began to listen to songs by them, and as years went on, I have admired the band, especially the talented Mr Dave Grohl. Their sound has changed a little over the years, but their strong guitar riffs, unique lyrics, and very comical music videos have always stood out. One day, I hope to finally see them live, and if I am very lucky, meet them in person. But then again a girl can dream.

Ingrid Michaelson is also one of my idols. Her soft but quite powerful voice and lyrics stand out from most of the songs on my iPod. Her sound also varies a little bit, but her music is mainly soft and involves piano melodies, guitar melodies and even a ukulele in one of my fave songs by her, "You and I".

Now, you may have heard my latest song "Audio Attitude" right? Well, my inspiration for that was actually deadmau5. Deadmau5 has made amazing dance and electronic tracks. And, after listening to his 2010 album "4x4=12", it gave me inspiration to make my own dance track. So thanks mau5, your little figurine remains on my desk :)

Owl City is my last inspiration. His songs are so positive, so bright and colourful (which basically reminds me of my personality in some ways). And Adam (Owl City) never fails to make an amazing track. I've not heard a track from him that I didn't like. Honestly, his music is so uplifting and bright, i love him so much. I also would love to see him in concert one day.

So, those are my main inspirations, if any other artists become my idols or inspirations, I will write a new post.

Who is your music idol/inspiration? Leave a comment ♥

Monday, 25 July 2011

Stuck In The Middle

And so I begin my talk....

First of all, I'm waving a white flag. This is not a bias post, this is not a "i believe this side is right" post. Because I am in the middle.

These feuds need to stop guys. What happened to the strong happy friendship we used to have? The hours we all used to talk as a group, laughing at the same things, discussing things we all like, just getting along?

It seems the group has been split into sections, and now I feel as if I have to make time for each little section of this community we used to have. Not just that, I cannot express opinions about things because I know that at some point the feuds will be continued.

Guys, you cannot fight fire with fire. And throwing in them sticks of hate will not put it out either. EVERYBODY, i repeat EVERYBODY is in the wrong for continuing this battle. What happened to the skype calls we all used to be excited to join in? Hmm? The people we used to look forward to speaking?

And so to my next point....
How are we gonna end this? Well, we either try to keep the peace, or block each other in every social network we have. I used to love talking to you guys, but now it seems recently everyone has been at each other's throats. I hate all this fighting, and I wish I stepped in and ended this sooner.

Perhaps we all need new friends?
I've been enjoying talking to new people more as the feuds grew like flames in a fucking forest fire. I miss our group, and I'm sure you miss what we used to be too.
If you feel that you cannot keep any kind of peace, perhaps make new friends. I still wish to be friends with you.... but gosh guys, I am so disgusted to what our group has become....

Keep the peace, or block them out. It's up to you now, but I will still be waving my white flag. It's time to end this.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Back On Track

Where to begin..
Hello world.

Apologies for the depressing posts these past few days. I've been trying to get my head straight all night. I still have the same opinions, but I've realised it's a part of life. A little video made me realise though, that the friends I do have actually care. This video helped convince my parents to let me go to SiTC. hahaha. Ahh, that has made me realise I actually do have friends who care about me.

I can finally smile again, and perhaps I'll know that they'll always be there for me.... even if they don't tell me so.

Summer In The City
I am really excited about Summer In The City, to meet you guys, and new people. I guarantee you will get a hug if you are spotted. I like to hug.... a lot. I may be a little bit quiet at first though, unless I know you well, but don't worry, once the randomness comes out, it won't go back in.. (that sounds awkward).

Anyway, have a good day!

Why Am I So Unhappy?

So, for the past week since coming back from Egypt, i seem to be unhappy. Some days there is a reason, other days I cannot point my finger at it.

But it seems that I'm speaking to the usual group of friends less and less each day, and i end up speaking to.... well, almost no one, I seem to be talking to my new friend Jack at the moment, but i also wait to get at least a call.... sadly.... nothing.

I'm starting to feel more like the high school me.... and I don't like it. I really need to lighten up, but once i do, something hits me right back down again. I can't explain it.

I think I need more people to talk to... I don't know.....

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Should I Apply For Partnership?

So, my third video has been accepted for revenue and I've been receiving messages from partner friends telling me to go apply for it.

It's been one of my main ambitions to make it as partner. To finally be rewarded for the videos I do. But then again, I'm quite happy where I am right now.

Is it a good idea? You think it's time for me to apply?
Your opinions would be great. :)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Response To Matt On His Video About Suicide

I had to make this blog post, because if I made a video response, my parents would see it and constantly question me.

I have sort of been through it too, however it was mainly thoughts. High school was such a bad experience for me, called names wherever I went, shoved into walls and doors violently. I hated it, I wanted to give up.

However, I listened to this song:

I listened to the lyrics and realised that I shouldn't let them win. So, I left them thoughts, thought positively, and grew stronger. Since then, i've been a positive person, and try to look more at the good things rather than the bad.

I guess you could say, a song saved me. Friends who stood by me saved me.


Monday, 18 July 2011

I Forgive You, Matt.

Dear Matt,

Thank you for the written apology to me, Rafi and Charlie. I can tell you really meant it.
The fact that you said I am one of your best friends has made me happy, just knowing the fact that I mean something to you. Matt, you too are one of my bestest friends, and since the first day we met me and you have a lot of laughs and our friendship is strong.

I'm glad you saw the light after I posted the video, though I must admit I had my doubts about posting it, as I hate showing people how upset I can get about things. But I'm glad you took what I said into account.

I forgive you, and I'm sure in time others will forgive you too. But, please do learn from your mistakes.

I love you Matt, you know that.