Saturday, 20 August 2011

I Can't Stick To Schedules...

It's been a few days since I made a blog post (my apologies my darlings). Recently i've been thinking of changing the set time of my live show, but now i've just decided not to set a schedule, due to the fact I am never good at tieing myself down to doing things at certain times (unless it's my college work, i have to set myself to it)

But honestly, with all these shows i want to watch on tv, and the fact I want to have fun doing what I love to do, i cannot stick to my 9pm BlogTV schedule on saturday nights.

So, i will just let you know a couple of hours in advance when my live shows are going to be from now on. No set times. No mega professional pizazz... just me: being funny, singing songs, answering your questions.

Your opinions are welcome, advice, anything, just comment <3

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Masterhulk said...

Never set a schedule unless its for something important like school or work ... things like Youtube and blogtv are all fine but you should never make a schedule in my opinion because when you do, you feel obligated to make content ... obligations mean having to cancel plans and with Youtube and blogTV theres not really any type of gain ... Do it when you can and for fun but dont feel like you have to set a schedule to please people. Because you made the channels for yourself. To interact sure which is great. Just dont let yourself feel obligated, cause then it feels like a chore to do it ... :)

Hope that makes sense haha <3