Thursday, 4 August 2011

Meeting New People = More People in SiTC Groupage!!

I love facebook groups! For the past few days I've been speaking to new people on this facebook group chat and they seemed really nice, so we all decided to skype each other last night for the first time. And we've all become so close now, it's awesome :)

First of all, Keatonbabessss. He is like my twin, like.... really. Me and him have so much in common, it's weirdly awesome. Now we have an awesome inside joke (you will see the hashtag a lot soon). Him and I were laughing at the same things and talked till 3 in the morning. He's awesome, if you are reading this Keatonbabes, can't wait to hang out at SiTC!

Amberrrrrrr :) , I knew you first, as you added me. And me and you are like..... best friends odd enough haha. You are uber cool, and I can't wait to meet you. "We're the three best friends that anyone can have". I'm looking forward to you "force feeding" me fizzy vimto......

Leighleigh :) You didn't really speak a lot on skype, but when you did speak you were really funny and pretty cool. Hopefully we'll talk a lot more before and at SiTC. :)

Thomas :) you fell asleep... haha. But you seem like a cool guy, wish you could go to SiTC though, if you do end up going, it'll be cool to meet you!

Of course, I must not forget my friends who i've known for a long time who i cannot wait to meet:

Matt, Robert Leat, IronRyan, Concon, Timtim, Jakeee, Sarah (if she's going), Chapperz, Gordycamp, Simon, Jordan, Robert K.

I'm so excited. Feel free to leave a comment :D

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Keaton said...

Cool Story Bro <3