Sunday, 4 September 2011

My Time With Amber, And Who Am I?

Hello ninjas of the internet :)
So on Saturday, I went to Manchester to meet up with my lovely friend who I call my twinny, that's Amber. We had such a laugh while we were there. We did several mini challenges, the first was to film in the Apple store in Arndale Centre, which we did (as you may have seen). The second was to buy matching bracelets coz we are like best friends :) We did that too. You'll see more of our mini challenges on her channel and mine. To check out her channel click here

Ok, so now I bet your wondering why i wrote "Who Am I?" in the title. It's because i've been trying to describe myself, my personality and everything, and I have no idea which words would describe me.... so I would love to see what you think about me, what words you'd use :)

So leave a comment below! ♥


Anonymous said...

I Think Your Awesome. I think you have one of the best imaginations ever, and you know how to help people. You do not do enough for yourself, instead, you are always looking out for others, helping people and making sure they are happy. You always seem to have a smile on your face, which puts a smile on everyone else's' face. Thanks for everything, and ... Oh yeah... YOUR A LEGEND.

bourne768 said...

I think your awesome. Very kind to others. Your one in a million. All ways putting other people first with your fun caring nature and making people happy.

robert_leat said...

Great Post , glad you two had so much fun