Sunday, 18 December 2011

I will not give up.

Hello ninjas of the internet.

So, I logged onto my email just a moment ago to find my adsense has been disabled. Now, last week, I noticed I was click bombed, so I reported it immediately (better safe, then sorry) and so I continued to do what I do best. I came home from a party tonight, and opened up my email only to find an email from Adsense with the subject "Google AdSense Account Disabled".

I was devastated. Ultimately gutted. And pathetically, I started crying. I worked my butt off for over two years to get to where I am today, only to get what i've been working up to, snatched from me.

My friends and fans have been messaging me encouraging me to appeal and also continue with my video making and not quit. Don't worry guys, I wasn't planning on quitting. I'm not planning on giving the click bomber any more satisfaction. I'm not planning on throwing what I love doing away. I am going to appeal in the morning (it's 1:27am here, i do need to sleep soon) and hope for the best.

All I ask from you guys is, no matter what, keep supporting my work, keep messaging me, keep sharing the links, because my friends, your responses and support means the world to me. I love replying to each and every one of you. I love meeting you guys, keeping in contact. The more support I have, the more determination i will get to make more videos for you guys.

I love you guys. Very much. And I hope you have a good rest of your weekend, and a lovely week ahead.

Leave any comments below. <3

Friday, 2 December 2011

I Have Faith In You

Sorry I haven't posted on here in sooooo long ninjas!

So, I've just been talking to a fellow youtuber, who is going through what I went through in high school (being picked on constantly because of making youtube videos) Honestly, it's not fair when people take the mick because you make videos, at least your not on the streets ruining your life with drugs and endless amounts of alcohol.

Seriously, if I didn't do YouTube, I'd be a completely different person. I'd be shy, not brave, very weak. Though making youtube videos was the reason I was picked on, I grew up. I learned to be strong and more confident and now I know which career I wish to pursue in.

So, I have faith in you... you can do this... stay strong... don't let anyone bring you down.