Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Short Blog About My Positivity

Hello ninjas of the internet! Bit of a story for you!

So, on my personal facebook i posted a link of Jessie J's song "Who's Laughing Now" and said the following thing:

"Something I will deffo sing when I get somewhere in life to all those people who liked to pick on me in the past ;) yeah, who's laughing now bitches!"

A little smart arse who was a mate of mine named Mike decides to comment going: "what if you get nowhere in life?"

pessimistic, pessimistic, pessimistic!!

Immediately, I thought "don't spread your negativity around me boy". And so this was my reply:
"Well Mike, the answer is everyone goes somewhere in life. It'd be pretty boring if we were in one place ;D and besides, i'm trying my absolute hardest to find my way into a job I wanna get into :) It should all pay off. thinking positive!"

I know the economy and getting a job is very hard at the moment, but does that mean you should live everyday going "nothing's gonna happen for me, might aswell sit on my arse and watch the day go by".


Dudes and dudettes, we live in such a dark world, it needs a bit of colour and optimism.
There are so many people who don't give up until they succeed: olympic athletes, basketball players, directors, even youtubers!

Guys, personally I love thinking positively, i have my moments where i think i'm crap, but rest of the time, I'm pushing my boundaries, I'm trying new things.

Never give up. You will make it, whatever you want to achieve in life. You will get there <3

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Gordy Camp said...

Your a legend.... Great post.. Lots of love. Xx