Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My Summer Summery (see what I did there?) ♥

BEST SUMMER EVER?(so far, yes)

So, my 2011 summer has got to be the best summer I've had so far.

I have been to Egypt (a place I never thought i'd go to) and went into King Tut's tomb (something i'd never thought i'd do, but I did). I rode a quad bike for the first time, swam over a reef full of beautiful fish. I went to my very first youtube gathering and loved every friggin' minute of it.

I met my good friends finally for real and also made friends with a ton of new people. I have had the best late night skype calls with people and possibly the best feedback from my recent videos ever. I am so excited to make new videos and music for you guys!

I had a laugh with my youtube friend Amber in Manchester, and now I hope to organise more mini meet ups, and possibly try to create my own youtube gathering!

I am looking forward to the future now, things are looking up for me and without you guys sticking by me, being so supportive, I don't think I would have continued on youtube. I think I would have quit and just lived a really boring life.

You guys mean the world to me, thanks to each and every one of you for making this summer so awesome. I love you all so much.

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Oh and here is a group photo of the people that mean so much to me:
(From left to right) Chris, Rob, Conor, Vee, Tom, Amber, Tim, Ryan.
And then there's me on the floor ;D

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