Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Feeling Of Accomplishment

Hello ninjas of the internet!

Today I finally recieved my letter from Google with a PIN to verify my adsense. Just getting this letter has made me realise how far i've come, what i'm achieving.

The fact in November 2009, i started with nothing: no ideas, no decent cameras, no good editing software. As the months passed I gained knowledge, a camera, and a good bunch of viewers and subscribers, the opportunities I've been able to take such as gatherings, collab opportunities, being in someone else's videos other than my own. It's just.... amazing what I've actually done since the beginning of this year.

The moment my dad told me the letter came, and the moment I held this letter, these thoughts just rushed through me, the sense of accomplishment just hit me right away.

So, thank you. Thank you so much for being a supportive bunch of people, who have continuously cheered me on for nearly two years now. For telling me not to give up and my ideas and videos are getting better and better.

Next time I write an accomplishment blog: when i get partnership.

Leave a comment <3 thanks my dears.

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