Friday, 16 September 2011

Birmingham Gathering!!

Hi ninjas of the internet. I'm feeling tons better at the moment :) The cold is going, all is well.

So, as it stands I can go to Birmingham next week, however I will need someone to meet up with at the station, and knows their way round the place, and also will walk back to the station with me. I've never been to the main part of Birmingham before, so being on my own walking around the city will be scary so I would love some company. My parents won't let me go if i don't have someone to meet up with :/ so this is kind of important if you guys want me to go.

Anyone who would like to make any arrangements with me, please contact me asap via YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Or even comment below.

The station I will end up at will be New Street (as far as I'm aware) and will most likely turn up about 10ish-11ish depends on which train tickets I can get.

If you live in Birmingham and definetly know your way around, then it would be extra awesome if you met up with me, because I am like a tourist lolz.

<3 Contact me asap!

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