Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Random Ninja's Guide To: YouTube

Hello ninjas of the internet!

So, there are some people I know who have been afraid to start making videos on youtube, just because they will be unsure of what to say and they will be scared no one will like their content.

I've been a video maker for over five years now (counting past accounts and stuff) and over the years I've learnt so many things that I feel will help you out when you begin to make videos.

The first video is always the hardest, and you are bound to get really nervous and feel a bit stupid talking to a camera. This is normal. This is the 'newbie' phase. All you need to do is loosen up, be yourself. If it helps, imagine you are talking to someone you know. But don't be too carefree with your use of words.

DO NOT use copyright music or any copyright material, it's against youtube rules. I have had several strikes in the past and have learnt from my mistakes. If you need music, go to websites like and for royalty free music you can download. But don't forget to give the site credit either at the end of the video, or in the description.

Once your views come in, take some time to get to know your viewers, see what they like about your channel and work from there. Making friends is easy on youtube, if you have friends to stick by you, you will progress :) But don't forget the ones who will help you up will be the ones you will see when you fall right back down. it's good to keep in touch with as many as you can :)

People HATE people spamming links in their inboxes, social network walls etc. So, if you want someone to check out a video, ask politely in a nice and calm way. I didn't create the NOOOOO rap for nothing you know. That's teaching you something!

Be as creative as you want. YouTube has no boundaries (except for the obvious stuff that's against regulations like pornography). YouTube is the oyster, you are the pearl inside, ready to be turned into an earring, or a necklace pendant.

In other words, once you start, people will find you, and you'll grow as a youtuber. When I started OhRandomRebecca in 2009, i had about.... 7 subscribers from my old account? Now, september 2011, I have currently 2,579 subs. Not bad huh?

I'm sure many youtubers agree with me that once you feel the video making buzz, it can be a bit hard to stop :)
If an ordinary girl from the North West can do it, so can you.
Don't be afraid. Make a start. See where you go :)

Any other youtubers got some advice? Was this helpful to any of you?
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Charlie said...

Awesome thank you Rebecca :)