Sunday, 11 September 2011

Where Do I Get My Ideas From?


Hello ninjas of the internet!
So, a lot of you guys have been asking me "Rebecca, where the hell do you get your ideas from?". And so, I thought i'd write this post giving you the insight on how I get my video ideas, and turn them in to sort-of successful videos.

1. My surroundings- Now, a few weeks ago, my friend Aaron called me on skype and introduced me to his friend and they told me they were going to create their first sketch/short video on their special channel but had no idea what to talk about. Immediately I told them this trick that you may be able to use. When I begin to think about videos, I look around the room or place i am in/at. I look around to see if anything catches my eye, and if anything does, a video slowly develops from the littlest things. If you are like me, little things can inspire you. And that is my main trick to video idea creating.

2. Wardrobe of characters- When I created Grace Daring, I was originally looking through my drawers, cupboards for my phone charger, when I found the black hat with the pink stars. I put it on, and looked at myself in the mirror, and began to develop a character. That's when Grace Daring was created, and it was filmed on the same day as the character was created :)

3. Brainstorm. Film. Done.- When it came to my vlogs, I brainstormed subjects I could talk about, and circled the best ones in a different coloured pen. Immediately, I set up my space, film with no script at all and just talk to the camera like i would talk to a normal person - no rehearsal, no set lines, just a conversation...... with a camera.

4. Using life's events as inspiration- ALL Vloggers talk about their lives, therefore clearly everyday life is a stong inspiration to all vloggers across the globe. Perhaps if you had a bit of a fall out with someone, or there is something that annoys you like people not standing up for old ladies on the bus, then talk about it, speak out, it's a free country. I find my college life amusing to talk about sometimes, like in my 52geeksayear video I talked about the 'awkward goodbyes' people tend to have. This has happened to me in college a few times, so talking about it in a video seemed like a good idea.

5. Music helps.... seriously! Before creating the short film Erica, I was listening to music from Audionautix, and the music there just gave me so much inspiration and ideas just seemed to appear in my mind instantly, and I had to create this fast before I lost this idea. So after half an hour filming and a day's worth of editing to make sure there's no continuity errors, Erica was uploaded and reached over 600 views. I call that a success.

So guys, those are my little secrets to my video making.
Did this help you at all? Leave a comment

Until next time ninjas <3

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bourne768 said...

Cool thats helped alot with video ideas. You all ways give great advice. Thanks for this blog Rebecca its helped alot.