Sunday, 31 July 2011

another blog about originality

Originality makes us unique. I'm not going to mention names now, but if this person reads this, please do not take this to heart but this has to be said.

I think you need to be more original........ like.... really. You seem to do things after I do it. Videos about issues, instrumentals. It slowly ticked me off. But now i saw your skype status of a phrase i said in one of my videos that you completely stole, but changed a couple of words. That has made me go "right.... enough is enough".

I just want you to know, it's just annoying me a bit that you are doing half the things i'm doing or already done and i just wish you could be just that little bit more original with things instead of doing what I do, or stealing things from my past stuff.

You are a good friend of mine, and if you are mad at me after reading this then I apologise but it had to be said......

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