Friday, 22 July 2011

Back On Track

Where to begin..
Hello world.

Apologies for the depressing posts these past few days. I've been trying to get my head straight all night. I still have the same opinions, but I've realised it's a part of life. A little video made me realise though, that the friends I do have actually care. This video helped convince my parents to let me go to SiTC. hahaha. Ahh, that has made me realise I actually do have friends who care about me.

I can finally smile again, and perhaps I'll know that they'll always be there for me.... even if they don't tell me so.

Summer In The City
I am really excited about Summer In The City, to meet you guys, and new people. I guarantee you will get a hug if you are spotted. I like to hug.... a lot. I may be a little bit quiet at first though, unless I know you well, but don't worry, once the randomness comes out, it won't go back in.. (that sounds awkward).

Anyway, have a good day!

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