Monday, 10 October 2011

I'm sick of this.

Well done.... you've broken my shield. You've let me suffer.

I'm sick of getting told how to dress.
I'm sick of being brought down.
I'm sick of feeling so negative.
I'm sick of being told i'm not good enough.

Sure, I wear t-shirts, I don't wear a lot of make up and I certainly don't wear heels.
Does that make me any less of a girl? No.
Do I deserve to feel like this almost everyday? No.
Do I hate feeling this negative? Yes.

Can't you just let me be me?


robert_leat said...

Cheer Up haters gonna hate but they're sados with no life

bourne768 said...

Dont let people put you down. I know its hard but your better than them.

Only slapers wear a lot of make up and your not a slaper.

So what if you wear t-shirts whats that got to do with it any way wear what you find comfortable. There out of order for even saying that sort of thing.

Dont think your not good enough because you are good enough.

Just be who you are because your a great person Rebecca. xxx

Masterhulk said...

Agree with Rob 'haters gonna hate' ... But you ARE good enough. if not better .. no wait. YOU ARE BETTER! ... You're better than most girls in Britain today. You're not fake. You're you. That's why we all love you and that's what makes you awesome.