Saturday, 8 October 2011

3 Words. Best. Friends. EVARRR ^_^

Hello ninjas of the internet!

So I currently have a mini bug, constant stomach aches and stuff, but I'm alright. In fact, i'm fantastic.

So, I was gutted I couldn't make the Birmingham Starbucks Gathering today, just because Ididn't buy tickets and I don't feel very good. But i was just surfing the web when suddenly my Skype ringtone goes off. So I answered it. Turns out the guys at the gathering called me from the Starbucks on a Mac just to say hello and get me involved just a bit.

They had a quick chat with me, it was pretty loud in the Starbucks though so sometimes they couldn't hear me. But the fact they all gathered round the mac, waved at me, said hello and just made me feel part of it basically made my day.

So, the guys at starbucks: Mic, Jack, Jordan, Luke, Heather, Cherry, Chapperz and anyone else who was there, thanks a lot for saying hi, even though i'm ill you made me feel tons better in some ways :P

So, just for you guys, I'm still saving up to see you all at the Birmingham festive, £8.90 so far guys!

I love you all lots, and see you soon <3

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