Friday, 2 December 2011

I Have Faith In You

Sorry I haven't posted on here in sooooo long ninjas!

So, I've just been talking to a fellow youtuber, who is going through what I went through in high school (being picked on constantly because of making youtube videos) Honestly, it's not fair when people take the mick because you make videos, at least your not on the streets ruining your life with drugs and endless amounts of alcohol.

Seriously, if I didn't do YouTube, I'd be a completely different person. I'd be shy, not brave, very weak. Though making youtube videos was the reason I was picked on, I grew up. I learned to be strong and more confident and now I know which career I wish to pursue in.

So, I have faith in you... you can do this... stay strong... don't let anyone bring you down.

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Kally said...

This is the perfect thing I needed to read right now. :)
I'm not being bullied but I do hate Spain =P